• Per-string HipShot bridges to adjust height and scale for each string individually
  • Standard electric guitar strings
  • Precision HipShot tuners
  • Roller pin for routing talam strings
  • Same-length talam strings, with progressive gauge to maintain appropriate tension
  • Micarta (synthetic bone) main nut, talam nut and talam bridge


  • Made from hard maple
  • Scalloped walnut fretboard, arched to 16” radius for improved playability
  • Adjustable bass guitar truss rod embedded to add stiffness
  • Nickel-silver frets
  • Neck attached to body with a Fender plate


  • Made from primavera (white mahogany) or alder, stained for color
  • Walnut bridge riser
  • Carved palm rest for talam strings


  • Made from laminated poplar
  • Threaded inserts for attaching body and neck supports
  • Neck support implemented as a post and disc instead of gourd for portability
  • Body support provides a curve to balance the instrument while playing


  • Glossy polished lacquer finish
  • Main volume control and talam mix level control
  • Custom Firebird-style humbucker pick-up for main strings and talam strings
  • Belt attachment rollers make it possible to remove supports and play the instrument while standing, like a guitar